Common Causes of Airplane Accidents

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Airplanes are often considered completely safe and are usually acknowledge as one of the most convenient ways to travel. These assertions are backed by data from Aviation Safety Network (ASN). According to a recent industry report, air travel is currently at its safest—tallying only 3.2 accidents for every million departures. Considering that an overwhelming 2.9 billion people have ridden planes in 2012, it’s easy to see that the rate of airplane accidents is considerably low.

Despite trends pointing towards the assurance of air travel safety, it is still important to keep in mind that accidents are hard to account for. Despite the declining rate of air plane accidents, the possibility that something can go wrong is hard to completely eradicate. This is particularly true considering that airplane crashes and accidents are typically caused by factors that are harder to predict and foresee. Issues with inclement weather, for example, usually play an important part in most airplane accidents. An editorial by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) concludes to this fact as it tries to analyze the 2014 disappearance of AirAsia QZ8501.

In particular cases, air plane accidents can also be caused by some form of human error and negligence. Most of these crashes are typically caused by airline negligence, mechanical failure, pilot error, pilot intoxication, and air traffic control error.

The infrequency of airplane accidents proves that these incidents are easy to prevent and avoid. Airlines and other similar organizations need to be held accountable for any decision or misstep that may cause harm to their passengers. Similarly, the family of victims involved in such crashes can seek out several legal remedies to ensure that this accountability is maintained. One such option is to file a personal injury claim.

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